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EU Arctic Stakeholder Forum 23.januar på Arctic Frontier 2017.

Framtidige investeringer i Arktis.

Spesialrådgiver Sven-Roald Nystø, Árran lulesamisk senter holdt innlegget «Et samisk perspektiv på investeringer i Arktis» på EU Arctic Stakeholder Forum møte 23.januar på Arctic Frontier 2017 konferansen i Tromsø. Der la han vekt på samisk språk, samiske institusjoner og samisk næringsliv sett i et øst-vest perspektiv over landegrensene.

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Fra venstre: Trond Haukanes, Direktør Nord-Norges Europakontor, Andreas Østhagen, Senior Fellow The Arctic Institute (møteleder), Gunnar Kværnenes, Innovasjon Norge, Karmenu Vella, EUs kommisær for fiskeri, miljø og maritime saker, Sven-Roald Nystø, spesialrådgiver Árran julevsáme guovdásj/lulesamisk senter, Erica Mattson, Direktør Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, Juha Ala-Mursula, Business Oulu, Anne Husebekk, rektor UiT Norges aktiske universitet, Kristiina Jokelainen, seniorrådgiver Lapland Regional Council og Maria Stenberg, Ordförer Norrbottens läns landstingsstyrelse. Foto: Maja Busch Sevaldsen, Nord-Norges Europakontor, Brussel.


(Address at the European Arctic Stakeholder Forum Consultation Meeting 23 January 2017 organised by the European Commission, NSPA-Network and NorthNorway European Office, in Tromsø, Norway.)

Commissioner, Your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen!

At the outset of my address, let me extend my sincere thanks to the organizers of this event for facilitating the option for me to address this distinguish forum.

I would like to focus on three topics today in an east-west perspective across national borders, which is the traditional way of Sami organizing their society, collaborating contemporary even today in various aspect, and captured as rights holders and stakeholders in the Sami Convention, provided for ratification by the Governments and the Sami Parliaments of Finland, Norway and Sweden, previous week.

In this light, I will draw your attention to Sami language, Sami institutions and Sami Business in terms of strengthening the infrastructure in a cross border perspective for the future.

Regarding Sami languages, with kind contribution from the EU, as well, in terms of Inter reg. grants, the Sami Parliaments have set up the cross border “Sámi Giellagáldu” (Sami Language Source) as the most prominent institution to foster and develop Sami language issues for the future. This expert institution needs to be strengthened and permanently funded for the future. I don’t think this will be manageable without EU funding in the years to come.

To taking care of the Sami collective memories and traditional knowledge in a modern setting, a substantial amount of Sami institutions is founded, in Sami settlement areas. They vary in scope, organization-patterns and funding, mirroring the variations of the Sami communities, industries and way of life, across national borders. These institutions are corner-stones in many communities in terms of capacity building, knowledge development, and modern working places attracting Sami youths to return and homestead in their traditional areas after finishing education. On the other hand, it’s of crucial importance to having in mind the urbanization forces in the Sami areas, making Sami institutions in towns and cities very important for the future as well.  Tromsø is one good example in this regard.

To develop sound Sami Businesses, is challenging. Strengthening Sami entrepreneurship and innovation of modern Sami industries are crucial measures for the future. There are successful examples in this regard to build upon, but Sami Businesses are poorly organized, particularly across national borders, in terms of gathering strengths and giving voice to common challenges. Many of these businesses are reaching way beyond local markets, selling their products on global markets as well.

Investments in knowledge is investment in future generations. Future funding is very important for all three items mentioned, but we need to strengthen our abilities to implement projects and the daily management of our institutions and businesses in terms of project-implementation methods as well. Árran Lule Sami Centre has found the British PRINCE2™[1] project management method very promising. The method is recognised in all four countries the Sami people live in, and can thus be a common method. With funding from the Sami Parliament of Norway and Nordland County Council, we will release an adapted version of this system for Sami institutions and businesses across national borders the spring of 2017.

In closing I will mention the need for the mining industry in Sami areas to improve their knowledge on Sami rights and indigenous peoples’ rights in general, in terms of international standards. Those who are interested can follow our side-event on that topic at the Arctic Frontier on Thursday 26th January 2017 commencing at 15.00 at the University.

Thank you for listening!


Special Adviser Sven-Roald Nystø, Árran Lule Sami Centre


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