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- was established in 1994 and is located in Drag, Norway. The main purpose of Árran as a national centre is to maintain and develop sami language, culture and society in the lulesami area. In Árran there is a museum and a sami kindergarden. In addition Árran works on sami language issues, High North issues, conducts research projects, teaches sami language by video conference, publishes books and sells souvenirs. Árran publishes a scientific journal and in addition the journal “Bårjås” annually. Árran is a member of the University of the Arctic, and coordinates the work of the Sami Institutions Network on High North Affairs. Including tenants, there are about 35 persons working daily at Árran.
8270 Ájluokta/Drag
Tlf: +47 75 77 51 00
Faks: +47 75 77 51 01
E-post: poassta(alfa)arran.no